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18 Work From Home Ideas To Make Money Online

When I first began my online business, I had no idea what I was doing. I’d just finished my certification program to be a personal coach, and I was looking for an inexpensive way to promote my new business online.

I discovered Google’s very simple Blogger platform and created an embarrassingly basic site as my promotional website. Of course, a blog isn’t a static site, so I had to figure out what to write, how to get traffic, and how to generate client leads. This led to finding a course on blogging, which unlocked an entirely new business model for me I never knew existed.

Creating my blog, Live Bold and Bloom, became the foundation for an online business that has far surpassed my goal of simply promoting my coaching services. As my blog traffic grew, I was able to create and sell online courses and ebooks, promote affiliate products, sell advertising, offer blog consulting services, create videos, and self-publish books on Amazon — in addition to offering personal coaching services.

This didn’t happen overnight, and it took a lot of research and trial and error to figure out what I was doing. Our goal here at Work From Home is to make it much simpler for you to know how to begin and how¬†to build your online business.

You don’t have to be a techie to build a successful home-based online business (I certainly wasn’t). You just need a passion or interest in something that can translate into a service or product people want to buy. Of course, you’ll need a blog or website as the platform for that business and a plan for driving traffic to your site. More on that in another post.

But for now, if you’re just starting out or starting over, and you aren’t sure how you want to make money online, we have some ideas for you.

Here are 18 work from home ideas to build a successful online business or income stream:

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