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Do You Hate Your Job? 5 Ways To Get Unstuck

When you’re in a job you hate, life can be miserable. You feel trapped and hopeless.

Every day you have to drag yourself out of bed to spend 8 or more hours of your day in a place where you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, or unappreciated.

When you think about how to extricate yourself and leave, you always come to the same conclusion. It just can’t happen.

  • Maybe you have a family to support.
  • Maybe you have many financial obligations or debt.
  • Maybe you don’t believe there’s another job out there for you.

It simply feels too scary to take such a big risk.

The more you ponder the situation and try to figure out an exit strategy, the more hopeless it feels. And this feeling makes you hate your job even more. You resent your predicament. You resent that you can’t afford to leave. And you resent everything and everyone that makes you feel trapped in it. Everything about your life feels tainted with frustration and simmering anger.

All of this frustration and resentment makes this already situation situation appear worse than it really is. You’re hyper-focused on how trapped you are, and your frustration is in forefront of your mind all the time.
It’s hard to extricate yourself from this dilemma when all of your energy is sucked out by hopelessness and despair. Does any of this feel familiar to you?

Do you hate your job? Here are 5 strategies to kickstart change.

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